We have closed the online registration. If you would still like to attend, walk-ins at the event welcome! PLEASE NOTE: You may pay with CASH ONLY at the door.

1975 –

The year Microsoft came to be in existence and began to change our World…….
-    Did you wear a Mood Ring?
-    Did you spend hours trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube? 
-    Did you buy Pet Rocks for all your friend’s birthdays?
-    Did your family watch All in the Family every Saturday night?
-    Did you hang out in hip hugger bell bottoms most of the time, but wear a blue leisure
      suit or a Jessica McClintock dress to the Prom?
-    Was Disco, the Captain and Tennille, John Denver, Bread, Aerosmith or The Eagles
      blaring away on your 8-Track in your Pepto Bismol Pink Pinto or your parent’s
      Gold Duster?
-    Did you watch the debut of Saturday Night Live with host George Carlin while sipping
      some Annie Green Springs, Mateus or Boone’s Farm and munching on PEZ?
-    Did you love Hot Bread for lunch?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are cordially invited to the 40th Reunion of Homestead’s illustrious, unforgettable class of 1975!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th 6:30 – midnight San Jose, Hilton….
Attire – Casual...

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